What / where is the “Crystal Sanctuary”?

At the present time the “Crystal Sanctuary” is a growing force field of Divine Energy that is constantly being built through prayer and meditation, and in response to prayer, around the whole of the Earth. This is linking the Higher Dimensions of the spiritual realms with the Earth below, in growing “rapport” with the Universe, - so raising the whole resonance of the Earth to a higher vibration with the Universe in an evolving harmony, - as the

“Music of the Spheres!”.

What is the purpose of the “Crystal Sanctuary”?

The purpose of this High Energy Field is to bring a higher consciousness to the Earth on all levels of spiritual and natural substance, and with this harmony with the Heavenly Realms, giving essential Peace on Earth.

How is this known to be so?

Through the Revelation of the Mother Divine, Our Lady, the Master Lady Mary who over a period of time, together with the Heavenly Hosts including Jesus, the Ascended Masters, the Masters of the Rays, the Angels, have been building up this Divine Energy Field in response to prayerfulness. ALL the prayers of all the world uniting for the highest good, - not of any one faith but essentially of ALL denominations.

How is this possible?

Simply in devotion with open heart and open mind linking in prayerfulness for the highest good of creation. Now, to amplify this work, the Mother Divine has given the Revelation of the “New Universal Crystal Rosary”, as a “Divine tool- a catalyst assisting the attunement with Higher Realms”.

How / why is this possible at this time?

It is essentially possible at this time because humanity is awakening to a higher vibration so as we have become more linked with the angels and the holy ones for the “common good”. Through inter-denominational prayers and open heart and mind, “mankind as kind-man” on a global scale as in our world-wide link of prayer in the “Concept”:

"Moments of prayer linked with millions in millions of minutes of prayer”

How can this make a difference now to previous ages?

A difference is created now through the mass intent in prayerfulness focusing on an awesome scale. This prayer link/energy on a global scale consciously for the highest good is being responded to by the Heavenly Realms, as we are now actively working together to bring Peace on Earth.

How has this come to our knowledge?

This has to come to our knowledge through devotion and dedication and diligence over many years in surrendering prayerfully as “Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven” with the response of Divine Grace as given.

What is the purpose of sharing this knowledge?

This knowledge is shared to enable others to be aware of the value of ALL prayers for the Highest Good around the whole world in the growing response of the Spiritual Realms actively engaged in our help, to bring “Heaven on Earth”.

Will there be a “Crystal Sanctuary” actually built upon the Earth?

At the present time, there are many small groups of people linking in this prayerful focus. We know at some time there will be a building upon the Earth created / dedicated in Divine form to amplify the nature of this force-field of Divine Energy. The foundations for this are already being built with the Divine Intent and our pioneering work.

How long will this work continue?

This is just the beginning of the vast awakening which will resound through the ages for thousands of years to come, essentially to bring Heaven on Earth, Peace to Mankind.

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