The Immaculate Crystal Sanctuary Resonating Gloriously in Love and Light
celebrating the Music of the Spheres!

The Holy Principle of the “Concept”
Moments of Prayer Linked with Millions in Millions of Minutes of Prayer

With Open Heart and Open Mind attuned with the Heavenly Realms
actively transmitting and receiving
Universal Love and Light Divine Energy
as the Crystal Sanctuary.

Gloriously celebrating in pure harmony
the Music of the Spheres
Resonating with the Crystal Coloured Rosary
as a Bridge from Heaven to Earth.

Now with further inspiration given, the understanding reveals, that the radiance of these particular sequence of links, creates a wondrously high resonance, that is profoundly in attunement with the attributes/values/virtues of the “New Golden Age”, presently unfolding for our planet earth, which in turn vibrates out, attuned to the Holy Infinite Universe - the whole of the Celestial Realms to bring “Heaven on Earth”.

This great “Communication Pulse” is coming into being at this time, this particular time, contributing through a great sequence of events that assists our attuning to a higher consciousness - as in an “altered state of awareness” of Being.

This profound alignment of our Higher Being allows as yet unknown mysteries/truths/wisdoms to further unfold on many levels of perception/understanding, but very particularly essential to our human mind, body, emotional and spiritual development, -- as well as the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms further unfolding around the whole of the earth, including the “well-being” of Mother Earth herself.

The other planets of our Universe will in the due course of their higher vibrations, pick up/receive our transformed impulses of energy, - transmitting and receiving so much higher vibrations of love and light, so as they too, will add to the transformational evolvement of our whole Universe.

This most extraordinary magnetic force-field of Energy will attract and transform, to create momentous currents of change for the “New Golden Age of Heaven on Earth” emerging in the purity the Pool of Love and Light. Indeed, the Angelic kingdom and the Higher Realms will also be aware and so respond with their Higher Resonance, hence more transmitting and receiving will be accomplished for this specific highest good of all matter and etheric substance.

Truly Amazing Grace indeed!

Essentially now, this Co-mission through the Heavenly Realms with the Crystal Sanctuary is extraordinarily protected.

“Prayer In Unity Of Compassion Is The Key Through The Awesome Expression Of Love”

- Therefore the operating factor is only through the premise of prayer, and is only for the Highest Potential of Good as directed by the great spiritual force-field of Divine Energy in very specific vibrations, as given only to bring Heaven on Earth,

God - Man- United”

There can be no abuse of these Almighty wavelengths of Divine Energy as they can only be activated through the purity of prayer in open heart and open mind in Love and Light, with the privilege of the vibrations of the Heavenly Hosts in their rapport of this response.

All this has been given, set in accordance with Holy Law, as Jesus said “To enable the power to be unharmable”. Due to the vastly evolving mass consciousness, thanks be to God, the time is now! We are now more as a body of Love and Light, fast becoming ready, willing and able through our surrendering prayerfully in “Thy will be done”, to become instruments/co-creators of the Divine Nature of Being, with the highest purpose of

“heralding Heaven on Earth in the purity of Love and Light.”

Through the Grace of God, amazingly, at this time in the Revelation directly given by the Mother Divine, as the *Resonance of the Sacred Crystal Coloured Rosary radiating the New Golden Age (reference book), is revealed now, as a great catalyst in all this transformational energy! A “Divine Tool” specifically given only at this time, to greatly enhance our own vibrations on a mind, body, emotional, spiritual level and on an auric vibration, and etherically assisting a higher attunement through the prayerful power Re-Source, extending out in the transformational link of love and light resonating in a quantum leap for humanity,

God-Man-United indeed!

In prayerful attunement and meditation our vastly expanding awareness may also allow our inner gifts and insights to greatly enhance our spiritual awareness/development on many levels. Suffice to say at this time, that as the mass consciousness expands, so the Revelations will continue in Wonder and Awe. All this The Mother Divine has endorsed and said “All that has been given will be passed from heart to heart, as heralding the beginning of vast knowledge that will resound through the ages for thousands of years to come.”

“Pray, I entreat you to pray”

How truly blessed we are to be alive/incarnated in this most wondrous Age, unfolding now!

The appropriate culmination of so very, very many lifetimes that have prepared “the way” so diligently, but have never before had the timescale/access of spiritual input and vigilant prayerful protection, for such momentous assistance to be revealed, as in this birthing New Golden Age.

As this Great Quest, so empowered by the Heavenly Hosts in the prayerful link of Love and Light draws in greater harmony, so a great celebrating of the Music of the Spheres in wondrous attunement for Heaven on Earth, resonates out with the Universe!


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