Please link with us to bring Love, Peace, Harmony and Respect back to mankind. We are body, mind and spirit, and it is our spirituality and integrity that now requires nurturing in order that compassion and caring may be restored to our communities. Please join us for our special prayerlink each Friday at 11:00 GMT, and most especially on Spiritual Awareness Day - Midsummer's Day, 24th June

Gently, over many years and through regular deep meditation and prayerfulness, Maureen has received spiritual insights and instructions to aid not only herself and those close to her, but her growing healing ministry. Maureen felt as though she was being prepared for a greater task ahead. Gradually, she became aware of the bigger picture - the expansion of the mass consciousness, and the development of a "new age" of increased energetic and vibrational levels, with a stronger and more powerful loving and nurturing feminine energy.
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