Spiritual Awareness Day - June 24th 2005
held at the Shoreline Sanctuary in Jersey

"The Winds of Change"

A period of growing expectancy and a sense of transitional power were felt over a number of days, with many happenings on personal and world wide levels tying into this sense of development at this time ...

On the appointed day, "Spiritual Awareness Day", a group gathered at the sanctuary shoreline and then made our way to the beach. We were as a little pilgrimage party, walking and talking along "the way", whilst carrying all the twelve Universal Crystal Rosaries and Universal Crystal Rosebud Rosaries, - together with clothe and candles, a bowl and a basket ready for our anticipated circle of love and light on the seashore.

The tide had just turned, leaving little pools amongst the rocks and pristine sand in between. We reached our desired spot where we laid our beautiful offering, in honour of all linked prayerfully at this time in the great "Concept".

"Moments in Prayer linked with Millions in Millions of Minutes in Prayer"

both in Heavenly Realms and here below.

Most joyfully, we gathered with the final part of our presentation on the sand,- fresh sea water for the bowl of blue in the centre, and each one collecting sea shells to surround the whole circle with a candle lit and set in the midst of all.

We then sat in a circle, settling hearts and minds, within each Being, and then with each other and then with the whole world as in our 11am Friday prayer link. we opened our hearts to all whom maybe in need of Love and Light.

A growing depth of "Unity and Compassion" was sensed as our prayerfulness grew and grew to encompass all manner of need of humanity together with the Heavenly host, whom we felt was so near in attendance.

We especially called upon the creator God, the Mother Divine, Jesus the Christ, and Masters of the Rays, the angels designated to link with the virtues and aspirations of the UCR and all angels and Archangels and most Holy Ones dedicated to assist "Hu-man-ity" as "God Man United"

Their was a great depth of peace all around.

After a pause, a dove was spiritually seen linked with a silver cord on each shoulder of those present in the circle, and then as a flash, the scene changes to us all being seen in a small boat on the sea sailing in absolute serenity.

After the short spell of deep quiet time,- in actual fact a large group of very young nursery children appeared from around the rocks, all seen to come very close, singing and speaking to each other and to their carers in a most delightful manner whilst paddling in the surrounding pool and looking for fish. (The was a great resemblance of a seen in the "Healing Journey" book where a very similar joyful experience of nursery children was given in the healing realms) all this activity and together with the immediate onset of a family of swirling swallows swooping and whistling down on us in a surprising manner jolted us out of our focus, to become physically ware of all this increasing activity ...

As it happens, one of our group was in dire need of healing, and so for this special one, we preceded to encircle and focus prayerfully to assist him. The circle was then brought to a prayerful end in great gratitude and in sense of joyfulness for all blessings given.

Later, these words were given as part of Spiritual Awareness Day celebration which we share with you Dearest Ones,

"The winds of change are blowing now, through your landscape and through your lives, to bring about the movement which is needed for furthest growth and onward development.

Fear neither for strength, nor direction of the winds ... they are needed to promote the necessary intensity to facilitate the next phase. Be watchful, be ever playful, and know that you are Blessed."

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