Celebrating the Anniversary of the Assumption of Our Lady

Crowned Queen of the Heavenly Realms

in our World wide Prayer Link of Love and Light

at the Sanctuary, Jersey, Channel Islands

We prepared ourselves most sincerely as prayerfully we opened our hearts and our minds inviting the Love of God to come pouring into our Beings, in pure Light to bring balance within, and harmonizing out with all in Love.

So began the precious link of Love and Light around the whole world, - our world-wide prayer link each Friday - on this most Auspicious Day.

Calmly and gently, being focused prayerfully around our “Pool of Blue” - the Holy Water at the very centre, and the beautiful New Universal Crystal Rosarys of the Golden Age, radiating and resonating in a circle with the crystal points each aligned to a candle, so as light poured out around the whole circle - as the Pool of Blue in Love and Light.

After some time in prayerfulness, a most beautiful spiritual Grace was given as this most special insight given as a state of altered awareness unfolded.

A huge congregation of Heavenly Hosts gathered together with the Masters of the Rays in all their colours, as in attendance of a great celebration. Then a great brightness filled the Sanctuary here, as a glorious Angel manifested. She was attired in palest green chiffon type material, with dark shiny hair but without wings, giving her name as the Angel of the Chalice of Harmony. She carried a white lily and was utterly beautiful.

She spoke “Peace be with you, Peace be with you, Peace be with you.”

Then a great point of light came shining down, which grew to display itself as being a huge golden chain of light unrolling from the Heavenly Realms. As the loops grew larger, they linked with the people praying, and more and more people were drawn to prayer in ever larger links of light, growing into all the nations of the world in pure prayer. The links grew ever more long, more bright and more powerful, linking the Heavenly Realms to our earth here below.

Jesus voice was heard “ The Powerhouse of links of prayer and power and peace that can never be broken.”

A heartful response of singing in tongues poured out in devotion from the Sanctuary….

The Angel of the Chalice of Harmony indicated that the crystal point of the Rosary should be held up to the light of the Heavenly Realms. The Angel then said,

“ The vibrations and power of the Rosary are aligned with the Powerhouse of God…..

Peace, love and harmony will be showered upon all, - the Power of Love and the Shafts of Light.”

A great sense of extraordinary powerful vibration was sensed in great momentum through the Rosary.

Again, a great singing in tongues poured out in heartful response at the Sanctuary.

A little pause followed, and then amidst trumpets blowing and choirs singing and all manner of heavenly music pouring out, a most heavenly picture unfolded within the Heavenly Realms itself, in wondrous celebration.

Above the Angels and the great Hierarchy Holy Beings of this great gathering, Our Lady Mary, the Great Mother Divine of the Cosmos was seen in Her Heavenly Glory. She was attired in a simple white fine cotton long gown, without a veil. On Her head was a golden crown of a very particular grace. There were raised golden peaks surrounding the crown each with a golden brilliant ball at the top of each peak. A great golden halo over lighted Our Lady’s head. At Her bare feet lights streamed out in all fine colours of the spectrum constantly pouring out this glorious light over a cloud beneath Her. The Great Mother Divine then spoke “Peace, Power, Prayer. Pray I entreat you to pray.”

The great celebration continued with trumpets sounding out, Heavenly Hosts singing in praise and marvelous music of a divine nature pouring out in tremendous great power.

Joy was heralded out in all its glory, power and praise! Angels were everywhere all rejoicing.

All was in Joy and Re-new-all indeed!!

A singing in tongues with the word “Rosary” distinctly heard poured out in Love here in the Sanctuary……..

Then Jesus’ voice sounded, indicating the words given in particular for the Sanctuary….

“All will be well, all prayer will be answered

The Lord is well pleased

Blessings on all endeavors”

Our hearts were filled to overflowing with Love in our gratitude for evermore…..

Thanks be to God.


“In just one moment of prayer, a life can be changed.

In just one moment of prayer, a life can be saved.

In many moments of prayer

many lives can be changed and saved.

Make time therefore

to sit in prayer

and change the world.”


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