The Response Given for the time of Closure at the Sister Sanctuary
in Bury St. Edmunds on April 20th 2006.

My Dear Ones,

This is indeed a wonderful time to be drawing together. A closure of one era of crystal healing beads. Beads that have brought so much, for many have been taken to a deeper meditation in love and fulfilment of Spirit, and in the making of these blessed beads. It is a time for closure now, and then, there follows a time for re-birth after closure. "New Beginnings" stem from re-birth, cultivating the love, peace and knowledge of those who are seeking in humility. Ever ready to experience the joy of making a greater link with love ones so dear in spirit, to deeper levels and wider understanding to gain insight, into the knowledge of wonderful things possible if all is done in love.

This is time of joy of completion, each one has played their part in the continuing evolution of life. Take our Joy and take our Love. They will not end here but go on and on and on providing the glad tidings to a new salvation. As life unfolds, with having done what was right for each, so now in a different direction these Rosary Beads continue their evolution never to be broken. What was given here within this timescale will remain.

Go in Love and know that we go with you.

Further insight was later transmitted ...

I bring a blessing on you for being here to honour these most special crystals and beads, as in olden times others have honoured with fire and water, and love of their Spirit. There is an earthly energy, that is part of these Rosaries linking fire and water, with spiritual energies in a certain way. You use this synergy wisely and it benefits all. There is a greatness of oneself when you perceive the power of the Great Spirit and these blessed crystals and beads enable this Channel, with this power and energy for everyone they touch in open heart.

You have been the chosen ones. Trust has been placed in you all. Trust has been well placed. For the moment, there is this closure. Yet in another moment, the door is opening... Once you accept into yourselves there is forever a permanent link to inspire you with your Maker in Universal Love, that this brings.

Please do not think that this is coming to an end, for it is not. A New Beginning will come again, and it will be revealed to you as time unfolds ...

Each has their gifts and each has to use them in a special way.There is no greater sacrifice than giving your life in service. Use all the tools and talents at your disposal.

Remember the wise ones of old who honoured these gifts in ancient times. They have thus played their part in this time, from the vibrations of Spirit connected with you.

Many Blessings are yours Dearest Wise Ones.

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