Response during the 11 a.m. Friday morning world-wide prayer link,
"Unity in Compassion through the Awesome Expression of Love".

With open heart and open minds we became gently focused and centred as we prayed most earnestly, giving gratitude for all our blessings and surrendering ourselves to be instruments of God the Creator of All, accordingly for the Highest Purpose of God.

We began breathing deeply, slowly letting go of all pressures and strains and asking most prayerfully for the presence of the whole Holy Hierarchy, together with all the Angels to draw near….

Then calmly and gently the Divine Light Energy was drawn in love through our chakras to bring balance and healing grace, each one being bathed in the purity of colour, most appropriate to the particular chakra, till gradually a profound harmony was sensed in our own being, and then with each other.

We prayed heartfully for “Mankind as Kindman” around the whole of the world - our prayers extending out to world leaders for highest principles and ethics with good intent for humanity. We continued praying for those dear ones with disease or great pain, sorrow or fear and those lost and unable to find solace. We particularly brought to mind those names who are in our golden box of prayer for their great benefit. Loving prayers were given for carers and light workers, working unceasingly to bring great kindness, joy and renewal to all with love.

We prayed with open heart also for the dear animal kingdom and those animals who are abused in the loss of their freedom and in distress.

Great love and light also poured out for the plant kingdom and gratitude was given for all their beauty and sustenance that they provide.

Great insight was given for the amazing mineral kingdom including the crystals of the New Age Crystal Rosary linking in love and light, as a great garland for the world in peace-full-ness, and for the very substance of the Mother Earth Herself, taking the light right through to the very core, as well as bringing this light as a healing grace to the dark pockets of our dear Mother Earth, in a great healing balm of love and light.

We had prepared a “Pool of Blue” with candles, Holy Water and the precious Crystal Rosarys as given through the Revelation of the Great Mother Divine (Please see our for further insight).

Then, calmly and gently, through a deep altered state of awareness, Jesus was seen in the Heavenly Realms in a deep red gown with bare feet, while His Mother, the Great Mother Divine stood beside Him. The scene was set in a lush garden with the Sanctuary/Temple/ Holy Place of the etheric realms, set with white robed figures seated on golden chairs radiating wondrous light around a circle. The Twelve Masters of the Rays were also present exuding their pearlescent vibrations of exquisite light, further around this circle, whilst a wondrous shaft of pure white light over lighted the whole Holy scene. Above and around the whole of the “Pool of Blue in Love and Light”, golden light energy permeated all. Thousands upon thousands of voices sounded out joyously from near and far praising God - Almighty - a most momentous scene.

Singing in tongues poured out from our Sanctuary here in response.

Jesus spoke “The Sanctuary (as on earth) will be blessed ten fold. Many, many, many will come through the doors. Pray, pray, pray - keep everything in prayer.

My Way is the Way
I will guide you
I will instruct you
I will teach you”

The Great Words poured out……..
Again, a response of tongues poured out from the Sanctuary.

Then Jesus said, “Each dear One is a Star
The Morning Glory Star is the Star of the Sanctuary
It is the Star of Christ,
The Star of Hope for all the World, Hope for Mankind
Power no-one can harm/touch
The Star radiates love and power
Just as My Heart pulsates, so will the Star vibrate in all its Glory”

The Star lit up everything brilliantly in the Heavenly Realms and Jesus’ heart was exposed, beating, pulsating, almost bursting with love, compassion and power. “God’s Glory shines on everything, - the Glory of God will always be there with you in the work to be done.”

Unity in Compassion through the Awesome Expression of love

has been given for the celebration of the Crystal Sanctuary’s work linking Heaven on Earth.

Jesus’s words continued in Great Presence, “Feel the gentleness of the wind and know that I am there.”

With our hearts overflowing with love we closed with the Grace of the Mother Divine’s cloak given with the guidance and protection surrounding all who had linked with us most prayerfully.

Thanks be to God.


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