Response during the 11 a.m. Friday morning world-wide prayer link
on 13 th June 2005.

"Gentle, but of great magnitude"

Our world wide link of prayerfulness was deep and profound, presenting our Beings, in total surrender and utmost gratitude. all the requests in the "golden box of prayers" and many other concerns for humanity and environment , local and world wide, were all brought to heart in mind to be attended and amended.

After staying in the intense quietness of the "Space for the Grace", afterwards a picture of a swirling mist like incense seemed to rise, and then a sense of millions upon millions of people, standing with hands raised some in praise and some in prayer, as in the "concept"

"Moments in Prayer linked with Millions in Millions of Minutes in Prayer"

all of whom were bathed a Great Light.

Then a movement of gathering energy generated, and a sensing of the whole earth actually moving on its axis ...

the following words were given in response

Gentle, yet of great magnitude

Are the movements following your prayer time today,
many deep roots have been reached and shifted,
allowing the movements and growth of hugh proportion,

The gentle stirring of deep issues,
has encompassed the whole world,
and deeply embedded patterns
are surfacing and transforming

Gentle, yet of great magnitude

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